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Space Cleansing for  Home & Business

Have you ever walked into a place and felt uncomfortable for no reason at all?  Have you noticed that many times, the same home or business is on the market again and again?

This is due to heavy and negative energies in the physical space. These energies come from all the past owners/tenants, negativity, trauma, death or illness in the space and can affect the people that inhabit it. 

During a clearing session, heavy energies are removed and replaced by positive, nurturing energy. Having clean, clear energy in your home or work environment is vital to the overall health, well-being, productivity and creativity of everyone who lives or works in it.

A Blessing Bundle can follow the clearing if the client wishes. This allows the client to consciously bring the energies of prosperity, harmony, success, fertility, new beginnings, etc. and create their own sacred space.

  • Families, Couples & Individuals Moving into a New Space

  • New Construction (There are many workers in and out of the house during the building process)

  • Realtors wanting to sell that “hard-to-sell” home

  • Businesses or Organizations needing a “fresh start” or an infusion of new energy


  • New Businesses wanting to infuse the space with purposeful and powerful Intention

  • Clearing family homes of energies resulting from death, divorce or illness

Before becoming a Holistic Wellness Practitioner, I sold real estate in the Cincinnati and Dayton markets for over 15 years andI have experienced these heavy energies in many homes and businesses. Now, with the use of Energy Medicine, I can help you create sacred space in your environment.

Cost is $100 per hour. Please call Sheri to schedule a clearing.

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