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Shamanic Energy Medicine
Reiki Healing
With the development of quantum physics we now have evidence that all matter is made up of layers of energy. For years, Shamanic cultures have been positively influencing the body’s health by working with its energy fields, and many traditions around the world are now being practiced in hospitals and clinics today.
Energy healing works with the clients energy field, healing the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of our being. When disturbances in the energy flow are not addressed, they can manifest into physical illness. When the energy flow and energy fields are robust and vibrant, the body remains healthy and balanced. Energy healing complements holistic medicine, and other healing methods to treat the mind, body, and soul.
Shamanic Healing vs. Reiki Healing
Although both types of healing work with the energy field, they do have different components and outcomes. 
Reiki is a gentle, hands on therapy that balances the human energy field. Working with the bodies energy centers (chakras), sessions result in positive outcomes of deep relaxation,  reduction of pain and anxiety, and thought clarity with no negative side effects. Many physicians and nurses are now getting certified in Reiki.
Shamanic Energy Healing, along with intuitive guidance, works within the energy field and chakras removing heavy energies, unwanted patterns and emotions, self-sabotaging beliefs and karmic contracts. Most of us have experienced problems in our lifetime - pain, disappointment, trauma, and struggles with money, childhood experiences, relationships, family, and illness. Even though we move on from these events, they can remain embedded in our subconscious, causing self limiting beliefs, heavy emotions, and unwanted patterns (I am not good enough, I don't deserve love or abundance, I struggle with health, my life, my relationships, etc) that need to be cleared at a deeper level.
In your personal session, the places where you feel stuck will be cleared from your energy field, sub-conscious, mind and soul. 
Are you a Shaman in waiting? 
Here are several signs that may resonate with you...
1. You love being in nature - the mountains, forest, ocean fill your soul with peace. You feel a familiar connection to the sun, moon and stars, and animals.
2. You are sensitive to loud noises, crowds and too much information. You may feel anxiety or depression and turn to alcohol or food for comfort, or find that sleep is the only peace you get.
3. You have had a difficult childhood, or trauma(s) in your earlier years. (This is to prepare you for your role as a Shaman.)
4. You are looking for something more and want to make a difference in your world and the global world.
5. You are the helper and called to serve, you feel the need to give back to humanity and the earth.  Others come to you for advice, healing and solace.
6. You are beginning to develop psychic powers, have vivid dreams, you intuitively know things, you have come into contact with spirit or been given messages. These can be as simple as thinking of someone and you run into them the next day or they call you that night.
7.You have always felt different (even if you are popular, social, and have many friends) one understands or gets you, maybe you don't fit in.
If any of this rings true with you, you may want to look at our Shamanic Training program.  I had all of the above and had a few traumas in my life. When I was finally pushed (from spirit) toward Shamanism, my whole world changed!  I had a whole new prospective on life and death, my aches & pains dissipated, and I felt more free than I ever have.  If you ready to reclaim your life, look at our Shaman Training program or call me to find out more!
Chakra balancing and healing for deep relaxation, stress, anxiety and depression releif.
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